How To Keep Your Indoor Cat Entertained, Happy and Healthy [5 Easy Steps]

While cats are instinctive hunters, they don’t need to be outside to stay happy and stimulated. In fact, letting your cat outside opens the door to countless dangers and potential threats. Being hit by a car, attacked by an animal, or harmed by a neighbor are all real possibilities. Outside cats are also more prone to health issues like feline leukemia, worms, and ticks. A life indoors will keep your pet safe, and there are ways you can make sure your cat is happy in your home.

Here are the five tips that can give your indoor cat the best life

5* Give Your Cat a Window on the World


Choose a large window in your home and set up a special place where your cat can look out. Put a cat bed near the glass, and your feline will love basking in the sun’s rays and watching the birds and other critters in the yard. If you really want your cat to enjoy the outdoors without being fully exposed, consider creating a “catio.” These outdoor areas are completely screened in with access to the inside for a unique solution to your cat’s desire for fresh air.

4* The Cat That Grows Up Indoors Is Happiest Indoors

Okay. This one may not be possible, especially if you have an adult cat that’s already spent considerable time out of doors. But if you are bringing home a kitten, then keeping it inside consistently from its very young age will make staying indoors far easier on it in the years to come.

3* Provide Your Indoor Cat With the Tools to Occupy Themselves

You most likely can’t be home all the time. And when you’re home, you probably can’t afford or don’t necessarily want to spend all of your time playing with your cat(s). That’s why making an investment in a few simple toys, a cat perch or tree, and a scratching post can make a serious difference in your indoor cat’s quality of life.

2* Bring the Outdoors to the Indoors

From rolling in the grass to nibbling their way through your garden, cats love plants. When they’re outside, they could easily munch on something poisonous. With indoor cats, you have control over what kind of plants they’re exposed to. Do your research to learn which plants are dangerous and which are safe. There’s also such thing as cat grass that you can grow specifically for your cat. It’s a hearty plant that’s hard to kill, and it’ll give your cat the feeling of being outside.

1* Give a Lot of Attention 

The best substitute for being outside is spending time with the humans that love them. You are your cat’s biggest source of happiness and stimulation. Take the time to play with them, but it doesn’t have to be active engagement all the time. Grooming, cuddling, and simply hanging out together are all great ways to keep your cat occupied. When they’re happy spending time with you, they’ll be happy living a life indoors.