Basic Tips to Raise a Cat with Friendly way (5 Must Discover)

If there’s one thing that all cat parents know, it would be that having a cat is like having a kid. There are a lot of responsibilities that you have to do, and the pressure of raising them right is hanging on your shoulders. And just like children, cats can be out of control too. But one thing’s for sure, we get to impart something to them that will help shape their characters.

Here are top 5 tips on how to raise a friendly cat:

5* Teach them to come when you call them


There is a sense of a deeper relationship when your cat runs to you immediately when she’s called. You can practice that by constantly calling out their names and give them treats whenever they come near you. Now that your cat knows his name, he wouldn’t be shy when people call for him. He’ll be friendly towards them knowing that whenever someone calls his name, it’s always someone whom he can trust.

4* It all begins with gentle handling

Cats can become scared if you don’t handle them with care, and this is especially true for kittens and younger cats. It’s important to show them TLC and practice being extra gentle with them while handling. If you prove to your cat that we humans are trustworthy and kind they are likely to be much more responsive and crave your attention in return.

3* Introduce your kitten/cat to feline-friendly dogs

Despite the stereotypes that cats and dogs are mortal enemies, a lot of situations and instances suggest that there is a huge possibility that these two can become great friends. Although most cats are naturally afraid of dogs, they can get over their fear whenever they are in the presence of a calm and gentle dog. Your cat will eventually get used to that and will be more approachable even with people who have cute furry dogs as babies.

2* Always Be Available 

Your presence is highly important when it comes to raising a friendly cat. You just got to be there and spend some time with them so that they will know how much you value them and not take them for granted. Cats can be independent so you really have to try to keep them hooked up to you. Make them miss you when you’re not there. Interact with them as much as possible so when they socialize with other people, it will be too natural for them because they’re used to you being around always.

1* Be a Guardian Angel 

Cats are naturally very curious so there are times when they will surely get in trouble. Maybe they’ll get stuck on the window, or on top of a drawer, or maybe on the ceiling so it’s best to always keep an eye on them. Be there to save them whenever they need help. They would feel that you are a very trustworthy human and so they would be confident in whatever situation they’re in, even with other unfamiliar people around. That’s the kind of trust that will stick around for a very long time.