8 Things We Should Absolutely Never Do To Our Cats

If you own a cat, then you know that cats are pretty independent when it comes to their care. They pretty much clean themselves, and as long as you provide them the essentials — food, water, and a clean litter box in which to peacefully take care of business — they are little to no trouble

Of course, there are other things you need to do occasionally when taking care of a cat, such as taking them to the vet when they get sick, ensuring that you groom their nails and fur every so often, and keeping an eye on them when they go outdoors.

Plus, there are many things you should never do to your cat under any circumstance. These are things that can leave them emotionally scarred, hurt, or worse. Here is a list of the things you should never do to your cat.

8* Don’t Assume She’s Feeling Fine 


Cats have mastered masking their pain, and you have to keep a very keen eye out for signs of it. This can include paying attention to how vocal they are with you, their energy levels, their eating habits, their sleeping habits, their litter-box habits, their body language, their grooming habits, and even their physical appearance.

Cats are never going to let you know when they have a potentially deadly urinary tract infection or infected gums, so you have to keep a keen eye out and make sure you’re going to the vet regularly. Changes in these behaviors often point to depression, as cats may start to cry out when they have lost a close companion or become silent with sadness.


Cats are highly sensitive to sound. So, if you are suddenly loud while greeting your cat out of excitement or out of anger when it does something wrong, you may be seen as a threat and it will begin to fear you.

6* Never Subject Her To Secondhand Smoke

Secondhand smoke is renown to be bad for all beings, human and animal alike. Smoking around your pet may lead to serious long-term health problems, including cancer.

5* Deprive Your Cat Of The Outdoors

Even if your cat is an indoor cat, there are still many ways to expose her to nature. You can keep window shades drawn and the windows cracked just enough so she can see what’s going on outside as well as feel the breeze, but not enough to slip through. Also, hang bird and squirrel feeders near windows so that your cat can watch as the critters stop by.

4* Leaving the Lights Off 

When you are not at home and your cat is alone in the home and the night comes, she will feel lonely and abandoned.

3* Skipping the Small Things 

Never grooming your kitty will make her feels the discomfort of hairballs. If you not trimming her claws, she will snag them on every carpet and rug. Not inspecting her ears for mites, even when she is continually scratching them or shaking her head over and over again. Ignoring her problematic chewing can make things only worse. The little stuff can lower your cat’s energy and health.

2* Never Treat Her As If She Loves Solitude

The entire idea that cats don’t need love and attention as dogs do is completely absurd. Cats simply don’t have the desire or need to please humans as much as dogs, but that doesn’t mean that you can ignore them.

It’s also incredibly sad to have only one cat at a time if you’re not home often enough to spend quality time with them. You should make sure you get plenty of playtime in, and that he or she is getting lots of attention and love.

1* Punishing 

Yelling at your fur buddy “bad cat,” (or yelling something even worse,) throwing stuff, gesture in anger and scolding your kitty when she just makes some troubles with the litter box or claws your bed, tells her you are not happy, but she is not aware of that.