Top 5 tips should you consider before bringing a new cat to your home

No one can resist the feeling of having a new cat at home. But you should be aware that cats take time to get to know its new home and owner. The new cat must stay in one room when you bring it, this will helps it to feel comfortable and secure, and with time its curiosity will drive it to discover all over the house.

In a slow manner help your cat to meet your family members and the other pets to get to know each other. And after that, your cat won’t have a desire to go outside where harm can be (cars, dogs, bad people…etc). This may be a sign that your cat is adapting easily with its new house.

You should take consideration of the following things before bringing a cat to your house:



Choosing the right food for your cat can be a challenge.

You should find high-quality cat food that suits your cat’s age and health, if necessary speak to your veterinarian before you choose what to feed to your cat.

Don’t forget to put a small bowl of water for your cat, and don’t try to give it milk because it may cause diarrhea. Always remember to feed your cat the same time you feed it yesterday at the same place, also always remember to not touch it while eating.

Human food is not healthy for your cat. So don’t try to give it to it, because it does not include what really your cat needs also, avoid feeding raw fish or bones to your cat. If you bring a kitten to your home it’s important to ask the veterinarian what to feed it, but it’s better to leave kittens with their mom’s until they grow up (eight months old), because they can drink and benefit from their mom’s milk.

Cats need a balanced, organized diet exactly like humans.


Pets clean themselves with their tongue so you will not need to bathe them each time, but the bathroom still enjoyable for some of them. while showering your cat you can use warm water and special soap made for cats.

Dog’s shampoo might be harmful to your cat, so don’t use it.

By brushing your cats’ hair you will not have to bathe your cat each time. When cats lick themselves while cleaning they swallow hair, and brushing helps stopping hairballs.


Sleeping is one of the favorite hobbies of cats,they love comfortable places (their beds). Not necessary their beds, they can find their own places.

Cat feels comfortable when it finds its own places such as your bed, or a sunny windowsill. Most cats take long naps, they can sleep 18 hours per day.


Using the litter box:

Cats also must have a bathroom when nature calls, and a litter box is a perfect choice for your cat.

Plastic pan, or litter box considered as the best toilet for your cat. Two inches of litter are enough to cover the bottom of the pan and the process of cleaning your cat’s rubbish would be easier than usual. Some cats are bothered by other pets, so make sure to put the pan in a place far from them and from food and water bowl.

Don’t train your cat to use the pan, because it will use it naturally and alone but make sure your cat knows the pan’s place. New kittens may need few pans so you can put one pan upstairs and another one downstairs.

Clean the pan regularly or the corner of your house will be the new toilet for your cat in addition to you can clean the waste once a day. From time to time you can wash the box with a mild soap.


Try to talk to your cat, praise it and say a good thing to it until you make it as a daily activity, because cat loves attention and care from its owner. this small behavior makes your cat attached to you.

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