Choose carefully the Right Food For Your lovely Pet

Pets are amazing creatures, all they need is some affection and care. and they will give it in return.

Before bringing a pet into your family it’s important to know how to take care of it, especially when it comes to food. There are some people who give human food to their pets, while others give food made for animals.

In this chapter, we will focus on dogs, cats, and rabbits for healthy feeding




Is it right to give dogs human food! most dogs are a member of the wolf family which means they need to include meat in their feeding program .this is still not mean that human food is a good choice for them, it is better to do an effort and choose a dog food product that includes real meat as a major ingredient.

Giving dogs human food isn’t a wise idea, because sometimes it includes more fat that may block their arteries. The digestive system of dogs is so sensitive that they are susceptible to diarrhea and upset stomachs if you change their food by yours.

Statistics show that changing food causes problems.

if it is necessary to change food you need to integrate slowly the new food with the old one until you make sure that it is fully replaced, this process may take two weeks or less and when Dogs are full-grown, then you can them once a day.


Cats are hunters by nature, for sure they will find mice, birds, and many other animals to gain protein.


Cats also need a diet and your job is to find the right food which includes a good amount of protein, in addition, they have a sensitive digestive system exactly like dogs so choosing the best food for your cat may be a challenge.

The process of changing cat food may take at least two weeks. in this period you should slowly integrate the new food with the old one.

Moreover, it’s known that cats need vitamins which we can find in milk, but it’s better to buy milk made for cats because human milk can be too rich for them in addition to you can also give them small pieces of cheese.

However, you need to do some effort to find the right food that includes all their needs.

-Feeding your cat grass is likely actually make them vomit, the idea that cats eat grass because they need to vomit up a hairball.

-Selecting the best food for your pet is necessary, and the most important is to be careful with ingredients also try to go as healthy as possible.

-Healthy and proper nutrition is one of the major elements can make pets live longer. because of some of them prone to chronic diseases, like heart problems.

But always we can overcome these problems with proper care.


Do rabbits like their vegetables? Yes, this is true.

rabbits need an organized diet that includes carrots and lettuce just like a human being enjoys a good meal.

A nice mix of hay, vegetables, and pellets will make your rabbit healthy and happy.

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