5 simple tips to keep your pets safe in warm months

Most animals may face a real threat during the hot months. Especially dogs and cats, they simply cannot withstand high temperatures.

As you a pet owner you must take precautions to avoid making some dangerous mistakes that can affect your pet, here are some tips to help you avoid these mistakes.

1- Never leave a pet in a car:


One of the risks that pet owners should avoid is to leave any animal in a hot car even for a few minutes and even if the windows are open. So that the animal can die within minutes or suffer from severe dehydration due to the high temperatures that the car can reach under the sun. One of the best solutions you can adopt is to leave your pet under cold conditions at home.

In addition to if you are a dog owner, allowing your dog to ride a truck bed can be very dangerous at any time of the year. If it is necessary to travel with your pet, let the air conditioner operates at all times and install your animal in the car is a prerequisite also, you must provide some water and take frequent breaks during long trips.

2- Be careful when walking with your dog:

Walking with your favorite dog is a wonderful and enjoyable thing. To maintain this pleasure, and your dog’s health, it’s necessary to take caution in areas with high temperatures that can reach the highest levels by avoid walking with your dog in these hot-weather times.

Among the risks that can affect the dog is the burning of sensitive feet due to the high temperature of the concrete, and severe dehydration which can lead to serious injuries. so it is advised to provide water and stop to take a rest constantly, and among the best solutions that can be adopted during periods of heat – Walk either in the morning or evening when temperatures are low.

3- Proper Pet Care Training:

Proper cleaning and care of your pet are very important, especially during the summer months. For animals with long fur, they may experience a quick rise in body temperature and difficulty breathing due to the density of their hair such as poodles dogs.

Poodles and other breeds with short cuts can get sunburn despite their use of sunscreen because it does not protect dogs completely, but for dogs with long hair, regular cutting of hair and take a regular brush can help them to maintain temperature regulation Body better during the hot weather.


Even for long-haired cats, continuous haircutting can play a very important role in regulating body temperature because cats with long hair also exposed to a rising temperature rapidly even if they do stay indoors.

4- Insect monitoring:


During the spring, and summer months the breeding rate of numerous harmful and annoying insects such as fleas and ticks increases which is a real inconvenience to pets where they can cause some diseases and tumors which undesirable because of the bites and among these diseases we find heartworm, for this, must be kept informed about the prior prevention of these diseases.

5- Outdoor safety:

Public and open spaces are the most preferred destinations for most people, and pet owners. They spend a lot of time in these places especially in summer, whether visiting a public park, a lake or even a swimming pool. In all cases, you should be careful when taking your pet with you to avoid any possible harm.

Even if you take your dog to enjoy a boat ride, you can buy life preserver vests to avoid any accident action, although most animals can swim instinctively, always diligence must be taken.

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