5 Popular Tropical Fish Species For Beginners

There are more tropical fish species out there than you could ever count.

You want your tank to be filled with beautiful fish that will give you hours of enjoyment. Here are some of the more popular fish species that people are including in their aquariums.

The fish species we will be talking about here are all freshwater fish. For beginners, freshwater tanks are easier to take care of and afford. They give you just as much fun and pleasure as saltwater without the learning curve. You can always adapt your tank to buy a new one to accommodate saltwater tropical fish in the future.

As for the freshwater tank, it is adaptable for the acquisition of an additional one to accommodate the tropical fish with saltwater later.



This cheerful fish, which are dazzling colors, are usually found in warm climates of South, Central America, and Africa, which are the most sought after fish.

These fish are divided into several species, and the most popular Cichlids is the so-called angelfish where it is characterized by its colorful lines, and long pointed rays, also there are other cichlids with bright and sparkling scales.

If you want to keep them in your home, you must be aware of the importance of placing them in a water tank alone because they may not fit with other fishes. For example, if you put them with catfish may want to claim the entire tank as their territory.


You can keep different types of tropical catfish in your tank, which is one of the best feeders bottoms. Catfish eat from the lower end of the tank and scattered around so, you can use a soft surface under the tank because they are looking for food there.

They are ideal for community environments because they keep themselves at the bottom, regarding their growth they may reach four inches sometimes.


Or what is known by the Celebes rainbow, checkered rainbow, and Boesemani rainbow.

A small fish has bright colors, which makes it add a special luster and ideal to your tank in addition to its lightweight nature which allows it to swim quickly. so, it is the best choice if you want to get a fish full of activity and vitality.

An important observation should be taken into consideration, when there is much fish of this type in one aquarium, some aggressive behaviors may arise among them. so, they should be monitored regularly.



it’s very similar to Rainbowfish, but they do not have many colors. Instead, they are characterized by their shy behavior so that they like to hide in plants and driftwood.

Their length can reach about 3.5 cm and are considered easy to keep in a community aquarium of at least 50 cm long, with a pH of 6.0 to 6.5. Also, their colors often thrive in the open spaces, so by highlighting them, you can enjoy the brightness of their bright colors.

5-Loaches :

These fish are characterized by their rather strange name which is very similar to the name of “Leeches” while there is a big difference between them as the only relationship that can be between them is in the longitudinal form, but they are unique in their longitudinal round form, with beautiful stripe patterns and bristles or spines help them Stick onto rocks in fast currents.

The best thing about these fish is that they work in the community settings as bottom feeders, which helps to keep the tank clean continuously, but what should be taken into consideration during the breeding of this kind of fish is the need to change water continuously because they are sensitive to the levels of nitrates in the water.

So until now, you can start with these varieties to see which ones you like to keep based on your aquarium conditions and fish characteristics that seem better for you.

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